About Us

Located at the heart of Bretforton, our institution, Bretforton Village School, has an illustrious history spanning back to 1877 when it was first established as Bretforton Board School under the stewardship of Miss Fanny Patterson. Steeped in heritage, our school evolved over time, adapting to the needs of its pupils and the community.

Throughout its journey, the school faced various challenges, triumphing over adversities and embracing growth. In 2018, a significant chapter unfolded as Bretforton First School transitioned into Bretforton Village School, aligning with Bengeworth Multi Academy Trust. This transformative step marked a new era, fostering a collaborative approach with a dedicated Head of School and a visionary teaching team, committed to nurturing bright futures for our students.

We pride ourselves on a rich legacy of resilience and progress, from the days of Miss Patterson’s leadership to the present partnership with Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust. Committed to excellence, we aspire to provide exceptional educational outcomes, guided by a passionate team and supported by esteemed educational leaders.

At Bretforton Village School, our ethos revolves around inclusivity, community, and academic success. We continue to evolve, building upon our heritage while embracing modern educational practices, ensuring a nurturing environment where every child thrives.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust at 01386 442047 or via email, as they proudly sponsor our institution. Join us in our journey towards educational excellence and holistic development for all our students.