Our Learning

At Bretforton Village School, our curriculum is meticulously designed to nurture the holistic development of every child, addressing their emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Head, Heart, and Hand’, our curriculum seamlessly integrates varied activities and lessons that resonate with these aspects.

Head: Our curriculum embraces activities focusing on subject-specific knowledge, local and global communities, and pertinent societal issues.

Heart: We foster emotional maturity, empathy, curiosity, community spirit, and resilience through dedicated lessons, cultivating well-rounded individuals.

Hand: Physical skills, artistic abilities, fine motor skills, and agility are honed through engaging activities, ensuring a balanced development.

Beyond traditional classroom teachings, our ethos permeates various facets of school life, including visits, engagement with parents and the community, safeguarding, after-school clubs, and pupil leadership. Moreover, our curriculum instils pride in our local heritage, promoting British values, while also fostering understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

With a commitment to equality and inclusion, we ensure our curriculum reflects the Equality Act 2010, fostering an environment where every child’s potential is nurtured. Additionally, our curriculum comprises a diverse range of subjects, including English, Maths, Computing, Design Technology, and others, supplemented by ‘Life Skills’ to support holistic learning.

Furthermore, we facilitate Relationship and Religious Education, promoting respect, harmony, and understanding within our diverse society. Outdoor learning, more able provision, wraparound care, and eco-initiatives are integral to our approach, fostering practical skills, environmental awareness, and inclusivity.

For further details on specific subjects, support programs, and additional provisions, please refer to the relevant sections or contact us directly.