Premium Funding

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium refers to specific funding provided for pupils identified as disadvantaged due to socio-economic circumstances. The school decides how to spend this money to best overcome these social and financial barriers for children and provide an equitable solution to ‘closing the gap’ between more vulnerable pupils and those who have a more advantaged starting point. We are required to provide evidence of the impact our spending is having on vulnerable groups of learners, which is available in the reports below.

Sports Premium

The direct funding scheme for school sport, announced in 2013, is going to be extended for a further five years. Sport is important because it encourages children to be active, lead a healthy lifestyle, make friends and, of course, have fun. But quality school sport has benefits that spread right across the curriculum and beyond – it develops confidence and a sense of achievement, it teaches young people how to rise to a challenge, and nurtures the character and skills that will help them get on and succeed in life.

At Bretforton Village School, we use Sports Premium to employ a qualified Specialist PE Teacher to oversee the teaching and coordination of PE and provide curriculum enrichment activities throughout the year, including clubs. Such specialism has successfully increased children’s subject knowledge, participation and achievement in Sport and PE. Our own staff continue to benefit from ongoing professional development in the teaching of PE in school through coaching from our specialist teacher, which will sustain the long-term impact of this funding.